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Tibetan Prayer Wheel

Unusual standing design

Fair Trade

Approx 9cm tall

Has 3 gemstones on the top.

Prayer wheels are large Buddhist constructions often found at temples that consist of a cylindrical wheel that has been placed upon a spindle so that it can easily be spun around. Inside the wheel is a scroll onto which mantras, usually Om Mani Padme Hum, have been written hundreds, thousands or in the case of very large wheels, millions of times. According to the Buddhist tradition, the temple visitors and monks rotating these prayer wheels will gain much the same meritous effect as reciting the mantras orally.

These wonderful smaller versions are often called Mani wheels (or mani-chos-‘khor in Tibetan.) Working on the same meritous principles as the larger, temple style; they are designed to be portable, practical and beautiful.

Prayer wheels are used to build up wisdom and good Kharma whilst purifying all Bad Kharma from the individual. Spinning the Prayer wheel during meditation is said to aid bringing practitioners to the state of enlightenment.

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